Tatnicland Shih Tzu 

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About Us

We have been together since 1995 and married 

since 2001. We are not only Husband and wife 

but best friends and soul mates.


We are a very close family and love spending 

our time doing family things. The one thing

with us we are always including our fur babies 

in what we do. 

We have 2 wonderful children Mackenzie and


Izaiah. Thank goodness for them they are  

great helpers when it comes to our home and 

our dogs. We could not be more proud of them. 

If it where not for us all working as a team we 

would not be able to do the things we enjoy to 

do outside of our home as well as inside our 


We have 2 wonderful pets who are spayed and 

live their lives as spoiled babies. They are the 

Puppy watchers of the house. 

Chianti is our Apricot Mini Poodle Female. This 

girl is our very best friend. She gives meaning 

to our life. We could not imagine our life 

without her. 

Peanut is actually our daughters dog, so she is 

our Grand dog. A spoiled diva for sure.  She is 

a 5 pound Shih Tzu. When our daughter move 

out she will be taking this sweet girl with her. 

We love going camping, We love spending time 

outside. We believe there is no place prettier 

then New England. From Fishing, to riding our 

side x sides and our Harley. Anything outside 

is where we like to be. 

Our camper is a Toy Hauler so it hauls all our 

toys with us when we head off for camping. 

From our side by sides to our 4 wheeler to Our 


Our Passion is riding our Harley. We Just love 

riding, We ride as much as we can, even if it 

is to dinner locally. 

We love the wind in our hair, and no 

destination in mind just the wide open road. If 

it was not for our children to help with the 

dogs we would never have had the chance to 

enjoys it as much as we do. We could not be 

more grateful to them for that. 

We spend a lot of time with our animals. They 

are a big part of our family and our everyday 

life. I was an at home mom for over 21 years, 

and recently went back to work as our kids are 

older and I was ready to get back out there 

with people. I work at our local hospital.

 My husband is self employed 

and he works a lot, but he always finds time 

when he comes home to help me if I need it 

before he settles down for the night. He is such 

a good partner.  

Our home is about 3 miles to the ocean. We 

live on 7 acres of land in a good size home. We 

have the best of both worlds- land and an 

ocean near by. Our passion is our Shih Tzus. 


We take them with us as much as 

possible. To us it is important to make sure 

they are well socialized and stay that way 

through out their lives. 

We will never be over run with animals. We 

only have as many as we can handle. We don't 

want to have so many that We can't take care 

of the way they should be. 

 All our dogs are house pets and 

live in our home with all of us. They even 

share our beds. Please feel free to email us 

with questions you my have about our Shih 

Tzus.  Feel free to email about the breed in 

general if you want to know more about the 


We am always here to talk about them.

Mollie & Danny Doucette

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