Tatnicland Shih Tzu 

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Adults looking for their forever 


We have done a lot of thinking about our breeding program here at 

Tatnicland Shih Tzu. As our Kids get older as do we, we have thought 

in length about finding guardian homes for some of our Shih Tzu.

What is a Guardian home you ask.

It is a forever home with a new family with an agreement with us 

that they are still used as my breeding dogs until I feel they would 

be done at an older age, and at that point they would be spayed and 

paper work would be transferred into new families names.

The said dog would be Free to the new family with some expenses 

the new family would have. 

1. vet checked yearly

2. Shots

3. vet bills that are incurred while with the new family other then 

ones that would be congenital or hereditary. not including health 

issues specific to the breed.

4. food

5. flea and tick and heartworm meds.

6. AKC papers stay in our name until they are retired from breeding.


There would be more also. Plus a strick contract. 

We would only consider guardian homes to people who are within 1 

hour north, south and west of us. No longer then an hour. 

*** keep in mind 

Females will come to be for a week for breeding, then go home and 

come back to me 1 week before having babies and will stay with me 

for 9-10 weeks on average {may be longer due to puppies}.

males would come to me for a week at a time when I decide to use 

them with one of my girls and they are in heat. It is to hard for 

them to come daily due to everyones work schedules.

serious injuries only 

The dogs below are the ones I am looking to do this with. 

I would consider a couple females going together and the 2 boys 

going together so people would not be be with out a dog when a dog 

was with me.



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