Tatnicland Shih Tzu 

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Tatnicland Shih Tzu Diva's

These are our Leading Ladies

Tatnicland's Let Freedom Ring


Freeda is another puppy we held back. 

She is out of Our Pixie {white with blue 

pigment } & Brinx 

{gold with black mask}. 

Freeda is from Pixie's last litter she had before 


She is so sweet and her color is going to be 

stunning as an adult.

She is a Blackish Silver with some white. 

 Born June 2018.

She is 9-10 pounds.

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for Black, Brindle,white, blue liver 

and parti.  but We hope she will help continue 

the blues here at Tatnicland.

She has the cutest, and sad looking face. We 

just love it.

She is very out going and loves to play. Keeps 

us on our toes.



Victoria is our Lavender and white girl.

We have been so blessed to have the 

opportunity to add this amazing girl to my 


Lavender is truly a purple color. He nose 

speaks for it's self. 

We got her when she was 1 1/2 years old and 

she never skipped a beat.

She is a little on the shy side but that is what 

makes her so cuddly and a sweet loving girl.

She gives us the most beautiful babies. Her 

blues and Lavenders are the most stunning 

color. colors you do not see every day. They 

are true head turners. 

Born 2017

She is 9-10 pounds. 

AKC reg.

Dna Tested.

Embark tested 

She carries for mostly dilute colors, White, 

blue, liver, parti and dobie.

Tatnicland's It's been a decade


Squirt is one special girl...

She was Born 1 day after my dad passed away 

10 years ago. She was born a decade from 

when he left our world.

She was held back from our Isla {who has 

since been retired} and Warrior. 

She has taken our son as her person, they have 

such an amazing bond. When Izaiah walks into 

the room Squirt goes crazy.  It is so beautiful 

to see. 

she has the sweetest personality of all my 

dogs. Just amazing all the way around 

She is 9-10 pounds 

Gold and white 

Born March 2020

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries a lot of the traditional Shih Tzu 

colors and is a heavy blue carrier cause her 

dad is a blue and white.

Tatnicland's Let us never forget


Holly has some big shoes to fill.

She is out of our Suzie Q who is a Sweet Tooth 

baby. Anyone who knows bloodlines in the Shih 

Tzu world may have heard of Holly Price the 

breeder of Sweet Tooth Shih Tzu. Holly lost her 

battle to Cancer in 2021, so Sweet Tooth is no 

longer. We were so privileged to have been 

able to own a couple of Her babies Suzie Q 

being one of them.

This gorgeous Black and white girl is named 

after Holly an amazing women all around. 

weight 9-10 pounds

Born July 2021

 AKC reg

 DNA Tested

Embark tested

She carries for White, liver and parti.

Tatnicland's Alani Says Aloha


This girl is our quiet girl. You don't even know 

she is there until she wants to be in your lap 

for her cuddles and belly rubs. 

She is one of our smallest girls 

Mom comes from European Bloodlines. 

Born March 2022

Solid red 

7 1/2 -8 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark Tested

She carries for blue, liver and parti

Tiny Tzu Mighty Winniefred


Brindle is such an amazing Marking, We just 

love how They look like they are Painted. 

Winnie is an old sole.  She just wants to be 

under our feet all the time. She is so loving 

and loves her people. He eyes will just melt 


She is only smaller side.

Born June 2020


8 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for White, dobie, liver and parti. 

Tatnicland's Half Russian roots

This Girl is something special. She comes from 

our Sochi who was a Russian Import and was 

retired in 2022. We am glad We held this 

amazing girl back from Sochi. 

We can't wait to keep this amazing line going 

here at Tatnicland.

She is our escape artist and loves to climb 

gates to get to where she is not suppose to be 

lol. When seeing her eyes look at us we can 

never stay mad. 

We just adore her. 

Born May 2022

9-10 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for liver and Parti. 

Willow Creek's Midnight Cricket


Cricket is a jet black girl with a little white. 

She is a stocky girl and built  thick and cobby. 

She has a beautiful Head. She is a such a 

playful girl and is always seen playing with 

toys and with her fur friends. 

She loves being outside also.

Born Oct 2020

12-13 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for parti

Charming miss Georgia Belle


She is our southern belle. She is one of our 

favorite colors. Cream liver is just absolutely 


This girl also loves to climb gates to get to her 

people.  She always has a Toy in her mouth 

and greats us this way everyday. Her tail 

never stops. She is such a happy girl. 

her little button nose is so darn cute

Born Dec 2019

8-9 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries white, liver , red and one copy of 

black and brindle 

Tatnicland's on the rock


What more can we say about this color!!! 

Black and Tan dobie marked. every time we see 

this color we just are in awe over. They are 

just gorgeous 

Wecan not wait to start producing them here 

at Tatnicland In the near furture.

She is so full of energy, She loves to play with 

her fur friends and is always busy doing 

something. You will find her outside running 

around every chance she gets. 

Born- July 2022

weight TBA

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for Dobie.  

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